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Exploring the starting point from the end point of Jeremiah's seventy years
Seventy years of Jeremiah involved in the temple ritual

<Difficulty ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Medium> Preliminary knowledge ⇒ "Remnant of Aliya Zion" "Nominated Messiah Cyrus

That night, Babylon City was drunk with the rituals of the all-night festival and celebratory drinking. 
It was the autumn of 539 BCE. 
However, during the uproar, Media and Persia and the soldiers of the military of the countries that are associated with them are confused in the darkness of the night from the riverbed of the Euphrates flowing through the city quietly while descending in the evening book It comes in. It was Cyrus II of Emerging Persian who leads the entire army.

The river width of the big river is 2 studias (about 360 m), and the water depth said that even if a soldier got another person to stand on the shoulder, he could not appear on the surface of the water, Xenophon said.
Although it was in Babylon castle which was protected also by this huge amount of water, if this water is dry up, it can also serve as an invasion route for attacking the center of the big capital strongly protected by the wall. It is an idea of a great reversal to compare with the Trojan horse tactic that the wall which boasts impregnable is not opposed at all.

Persian Cyrus led by the Allied Army said that that night, the water of the river was poured into another waterway that had been excavated, which was absorbed by the swampy land. The water volume in the Babylon watershed was reduced to the soldier's thigh.
Soldiers and others invade from the open castle gate facing the river by the festival noises and advance towards the royal palace. However, the city is still in the middle of the festival and they do not yet know what is going on.

That night, Belshazzar, king of Babylonian co-reign, held a banquet-filled banquet, but let me investigate the reasons for the noisiness outside the gate of the palace to see what the open gate An enemy soldier began to pour in.

Babylon was captured in a raid by Media and Persia, that night, on the night of the Tishrei-Month 16th BC 539, it was conquered to be convincing.

Then, after a lunar calendar month, Cyrus travels along the path covered with green twigs, fulfils the entrance into Babylon and returns what was captured even to the idols of the countries occupied as Babylonian custom until then Start implementing policies. (Babylonian age magazine / H. Crawford)

According to the Old Testament Daniel, the Babylonian ruler was not the Persian Cyrus at this time, but the Darius of the country's media.
But this king was already 62 years old, was the lifetime soon, or two years later BC537 is the first year of the reign of King Cyrus.

As a captive citizen of Judah, the prophet Daniel was in a high position by dreaming of Nebuchadnezzar once, but in that year he was forgotten in the reign of Nabonidos with different lineage. However, as this situation changed, Daniel dismissed the Magoyes who are priests of the media under Darius, and climbed to the position that once again appeared. 
Daniel also perceived a change in the victory and conquest of Persia. In that year, for the people of Israel, we asked for repentance and recovery and devoted our sincere prayers.

He also said that he read the prophecy left by the prophet Jeremiah of Somewhere since that same year and he said that he saw that the period of devastation of Jerusalem would be seventy years.

Jeremiah condemned the people of Judah and had foretold it.
"This land is exhausted and destroyed, and it will be an astonishing wasteland. And the nations will serve the king of Babylon for seventy years.
According to YHWH, after seventy years I will punish the king of Babylon, his people and the land of the Chaldeans for the sake of his sin, making it an everlasting wilderness. "(Jeremiah 25: 11 - 12)

But the Babylonian dynasty, which captured the idols of the gods with the people of the nations in Babylon, caught hard at the back of the double gate of the castle gate by the reign of Nabonidos and its crown Prince Belshazzar. There was no sign of liberating the gods. 
In Assyria and Babylonia, as part of the occupation policy, we changed the place of residence in order to prevent the rebellion and independence of the occupied people, put themselves in prison for their idols. 
In order for this to be released, we had to wait for the rise of the Caucasian empire, Persia. 

Even though the Allied Forces of Cyrus siege Babylon City, it is said that the city is not troubled with food for 20 years, and the passage on the rising double wall is a four horse carriage It was surrounded by a thick defense which is said to be wide enough to change direction. Moreover, since the length of the city area was huge to be said to have exceeded 20 km, the Cyrus army which surrounded once surroundings became a thin enclosing net like ants' s matrix, it is a mockery of Babylonian soldiers There was only one thing.

However, now that the protection of the steel wall is meaningless, Belshazzar fell to the Persian soldier's sword and his father King Nabonidos became a prisoner.
And then the occupation policy of Cyrus, contrary to the measures of the Semi Empire of Assyria and Babylonia, releasing the people of the countries from the detention ground, returning them to the temple where each idol god should also be.

The god of Judah YHWH was not a god of idols, but the gold decoration of the Temple of Jerusalem was stripped off, and sacred instruments and fixtures made of gold and silver copper remained in Babylon. The ritual in the sanctuary prescribed by the law was left uninterrupted, but the preservation of the equipment of rituals would be a rather fortunate result to be called.

And in that year when the Babylonian dynasty passed by the conquest of Cyrus, Daniel prayed, expressing many of his opposition to YHWH and his iniquities that the people had shown, and asked for forgiveness of Jerusalem to ask for their forgiveness Respectively. That is, in the first year of the mediaian Darius, in 66 years since the third year of King Jehoiachin (BC605) Daniel was captured by Babylon as an exiler, 47 years since the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed And he would have reached eighty age. (Daniel 1: 1/9: 1)

◆ "The Seventy Years" of Jeremiah

In the days when Daniel was a youth, the temple was alive in Jerusalem, but the crisis of its loss was tight. The prophets of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, etc, were talking about the danger of it being approaching. 
At that time, the famous Prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament, that is, at the end of the first temple period, continues to condemn the lifetime breach of the failure of the Kingdom of Judah to the law contract. 

Jeremiah the priest of the castle city Anatote belonging to the land of the Benjamin tribe was called as a prophet in God YHWH since he was young, but he prophesies in Jerusalem and Judah 's devastated "seventy years" in two places. 
At first it was chapter 25, also noted above, where Judas and neighboring countries served the king of Babylon for seventy years, and after seventy years he punished the king and the people of Babylon, and Caldea It is said to make the eternal wilderness.
Another part is chapter 29, and it is said that "When seventy years pass, I will turn my heart to you, run a good word to you, you will come back to this place "I am informing the word of God YHWH". (29: 10)

According to Jeremiah's document that Daniel who had reached an old-fashioned boundary to Babylon who would have read these, realized that the number of years that must pass by the end of the devastation of Jerusalem is seventy years I am writing. (9: 2)

Taking the prophecies together, the meaning of "seventy years" that Jeremiah said has said that when the people of Judah are unraveled from the tyranny of Babylon and come to live again in Judah and Jerusalem, the period of that devastation ends It will be.

However, the true meaning of “70 years” as told to Jeremiah is not only that, but includes more important things.

Because, As I wrote below, the Jews at the time explained that it was not enough to return to the promised land and the beginning of settlement, even if each had a specific recognition. It has been repeatedly shown that "70 years" is not considered to be over.

So we should not be able to realize the meaning unless we read Jeremiya's "Seventy Years" from common recognition with them. 

Let's go through the ancient Jewish descriptions and explore the meaning of "seventy years" that they understood.

First of all, when Daniel expressed deep regret, he returned to the people of Israel in the first year of Cyrus two years after he pleaded with God and asked for forgiveness and recovery of the people, that decree The aim was not the return of Israel, but the restoration of the worship of the God of Judah .

About fifty thousand people accompanied by the volunteers of the people of Judah during the year arrived in Jerusalem and are doing the festival of Sukkot and in the same year they built an altar at once and burned Although it resumed the sacrifice of burnt offering, they do not regard it as having done the decree of King Cyrus.

Besides that, afterwards, we encounter the obstruction of the rebuilding of the temple from the surrounding ethnic groups, and the work to build is not going to be done year after year.
However, when Darius who was the son of one satrap was throne by defeating the Gaumata of the throne, who was king of King Cubuses II who was killed in Syria and was a priest-oriented Magos tribe, this new King We adopt the principle of Daio Cyrus and promote the revival of the worship of various peoples.

◆ Ezra's record

For Jeremiah's "Seventy Year", as a witness to the later generation from Daniel, the time when it was accomplished, you can read the record of Ezra, the most prominent person in the scripture guardian sofa, in the Bible.

"So the Lord caused the king of the Chaldeans to attack them, so he killed the young people of the people with a sword at the house of the sanctuary, and the young man, the virgin, the old man, the old man He did not mercy. The Lord handed them over to his hand.
He took all this to Babylon, such as the large and small pieces of the house of the house of the gods, the money of the house of YHWH, the money of the king and his senior officials, burning the house of God, breaking the walls of Jerusalem, I burned out the palace with all the fire and destroyed all of the precious equipment I had in it.
He also caught those who escaped the sword into Babylon, making him and the slaves of his sons, and so on until the Persian kingdom emerged.
This was to fulfill the word of YHWH conveyed by Jeremiah's mouth. Thus the country finally got the rest. In other words, it rested during the devastation, for seventy years was finally full. "(Chronicles Journal 36: 17-21 / Levy 26: 34)
In the above description, it can be read that the land was rough due to the absence of the people, but it was also during the seventy years.
But after that, Ezra writes about Cyrus's edict:
"It is the first year of Cyrus king of Persia. In order to fulfill what promised through the mouth of Jeremiah, YHWH was moved by Cyrus king of Persia. Cyrus also wrote in the document and let the following declaration spread throughout the country.
"Cyrus king of Persia says: The god YHWH in heaven gave me the land of the nations, and he commanded me to build his own shrine in Jerusalem in Judah. Go up anyone who belongs to the Lord's people in God YHWH be with him "(Chronicles Journal 36: 22-23) 

Also before this century ago, Isaiah's prophecy recorded the word of God YHWH about the role of Cyrus the Great. 
"About Cyrus," He is my shepherd, I will make everything to do with joy. "And about Jerusalem," she is rebuilt ", about the temple" he sets the foundation Wow. "(Isaiah 44: 28)

The intention of Cyrus was to consecrate and respect the gods that brought him world hegemony and to Judah to rebuild the temple to Jerusalem.

◆ Perspective of returnees

In the progeny of Cyrus, when the Gaumata was overthrown and the king 's lineage changed, it seemed that the rebuilding of the temple further increased to the people of Judah. 
But at this time the Israeli god YHWH urged the prophets Haggai and Zechariah to send to the governor, Zerubbabel, Eschua the high priest and returnees to work on rebuilding the temple.
So, were they thinking that Jeremiah's "Seventy Years" had ended under this circumstance?

It is the question of the people of Zechariah 7: 2, that the emotions of the returnees at that time are clearly shown.
Then Bethel's people in the north of Benjamin * came up and asked the priests and the prophets to serve in the temple.
"" As I have done so many years ago, should we cry and cry in May and fast? " "* (From the area, they may have returned to the North Kingdom) 

However, in that heart mind itself, there is no enthusiasm for the house of God like Zerubbabel et al. 
It should be said that they did not have a sincere and intense quiet about God like Daniel. However, I just asked if the time is now full. It is already about 20 years since the prisoner was unraveled, and it seems as if he wanted to finish troublesome fasting if he could do it already.

So the word of YHWH flew into Zechariah immediately and said like this.
"Did you fast for me for seventy years when you fasted and cried in May and July?" 

In other words, Fasting in May is the custom of Tishabeave that continues to date, commemorating the destruction of Abu's 9th temple, which is extremely sad for the Jews, and the one in July written here, It is presumed to be involved in the subsequent devastation of Jerusalem.

So the people asked the people involved in worship what to do with fasting in situations where some of the rituals were resuming, but they still do not see the completion of the temple.
The fact that each fast had spanned seventy times or nearby numbers, as the prophecy that marked this was in the words of God's inspiration, I could not move. These people have probably heard about "Seventy Years" and have asked the priests and the prophets to see if it was good to see that it was over. That is, if the "seventy years" to end fasting has gone by, it should be said that there was a confusion in the fact that the construction of the temple is halfway. 

So God's further answer is this. 
" I will return to Zion and live in Jerusalem, Jerusalem is honored as a loyal city and the mountain of YHWH of all the army is honored as a sacred mountain."
Not only that, "On the streets of Jerusalem again an old man, an old woman will sit down. Everyone is a good old man, each with his own cane. In addition, the town is full of boys and girls and plays to play on the streets "(8: 3-4)

In other words, this can not be read except that devastation is not over. This is said to be the fourth year of Darius, that is, September Kiss Riu in 518 BC.
Besides, in November, Chebat, the second year of Darius two years ago, "Yahweh of hosts, do not you mercy on the cities of Jerusalem and Judah? You have become angry, it will be seventy years already, "the angel said. (1: 12)

Thus, in the "Seventy Years" of the Jews, is not there something that will not be solved by mere time lapse after returning? 

The temple is told that the Holy God of Israel is "the place to put its name" and that God, her husband, will be returned to Zion, widow as Isaiah said, at that time the sons of Zion also returned It is prophesied that it is. (Isaiah 62: 4/49: 21)

But before the rebuilding of the temple, Judea could not say that people came back to the cities, and it was even more visible from Nehemiah after 50 years later that what was very quiet. 

At the end of Psalm 53 by David "When God brings His people, captives, Jacob is a joy and Israel will celebrate delight. "The phrase including the prophecy should be said to be exaggerated to describe the state of the returnees at the time.

So, why is Jerusalem's devastation finished and Jeremiah's 'seventy years' filled in the true sense?

◆ How to view from YHWH grabbing the right hand of Cyrus

The prophet Isaiah had foretold its work as a liberator of Israel by the name "Cyrus" for the past two centuries when that person came. In other words, Cyrus the Great was the "Messiah" of the Israeli god YHWH, "the one who received" appointment. "
YHWH announced forever before Cyrus was born. 

"Grab his right hand, let the nations follow him and let the kings disarm their arms. Open the door in front of him and keep it from closing. I have called your name for Israel, whom I have chosen. Even though you do not know me, I have given you a name. I am YHWH. There is no god besides me, there is none. Even if you do not know me, I will strengthen you. "(Isaiah 45: 1-5)

The Israeli god YHWH has expressed a strong will to return its people Israel to the promised land. That is not what was foretold through Isaiah alone. Jeremiah wrote about devastation and recovery like this. 
"Indeed the Israeli god YHWH says about the houses of this town pulled down by the bases and swords and the houses of the kings of Judah.
They are going to fight to fight the Chaldeans, but they fill their houses with the dead that was stoned by my anger and resentment. It is because of all their evil, because I hid my face from this city.

Behold. I heal and cure this wound in the town, I will restore them and show peace and truth to them richly.
I will restore the prosperity of Judah and Israel and restructure them like the beginning.
I will cleanse them from all the iniquities they have committed, and they will commit them and forgive all the iniquities that I have turned against me. "(Jeremiah 33: 1-8)

These prophets that Israel will return and prosper after Babylon captivity are called prophecy of "recovery" or "consolation".
When you look at the contents of them, there is more content than simply that the tribes of Israel return home to their promised land.

That can be said from the content of the decree issued by Cyrus. 
"" Cyrus king of Persia, like this, the heavenly god, YHWH gave me all over the earth the land that He told me to build his house in Jerusalem in Judah.
Whosoever is among you will get their help from God, go up to Jerusalem in Judah, rebuild the house of YHWH, the God of Israel. He is in Jerusalem, he is God.
Everything surviving, wherever you are, help everyone in the land with gold, silver, cargo, livestock, and sacrifice more than others from the heart for the house of God in Jerusalem. " (Ezra 1: 2-4)

As in Isaiah, if Cyrus the Great is the Messiah of YHWH, the intention of God in that work must be reflected in that decree. Not to mention Ezra, "In order to realize the word of YHWH as taught by Jeremiah, YHWH inspired the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so the king issued an imperial decree to the entire control area and stated as follows. It is said that it is. (Ezra 1: 1)

Then, increasingly Jeremiah's meaning of "seventy years" does not mean mere return.

As for this, Daniel himself, who knew about the seventy years of Jeremiah in that book, also expresses its recognition in prayer, but let's confirm it next.

From the viewpoint of Daniel

As mentioned earlier, in the first year of Darius's rule of Babylon that Daniel was the son of Xerxeses of the media king, as the year from the prophecy of Jeremiah to the end of the devastation of Jerusalem is seventy years He said he knew it. (Daniel 9: 1)
By Cyrus's conquest of Babylon, it seemed that the circumstances seemed to be able to change considerably also to Judah captive people.
But at this time the Royal Decree allowing for return to Palestine had to wait for the first year of Cyrus.

Elderly Daniel wears sackcloth, fasts, puts ash on his head and afflicts his soul, and speaks to Jerusalem a prayer asking for regret and forgiveness to Israeli god YHWH.
For a long time Israel did not keep the law, did not keep the law, persecuted the prophets who sent them, did not listen to God's recommendation, and finally reaped Moses' warnings as he warned, Israel is also prisoned by other countries, and its temple is destroyed and the holy city Jerusalem is a ruined and abandoned place where no man lives, and as for the fact that he was accompanied by people's reproach, he describes the correctness of God's treatment.

But since the name of God is honored above Jerusalem and his people, Daniel asked for his light again to illuminate because of God's own name.
At that time he asked for " Please do not delay for your name." (Daniel 9: 19) 

From these contents, in order that the seventy years declared himself will not be rebounded, Daniel happened when the release from Babylon was as predictable, pleaded for the return of the captive people to be realized It might be able to be read aloud.

But what Daniel had in mind was more than the return of the people, as shown in the words of this prayer, which was the benefit of God over profitable people.

He wishes in the same prayer like this.
"Turn your anger and resentment from thy city, holy mountain Jerusalem ." "For yourself, please shine your face only in thy royal sanctuary . "(Daniel 9: 16-17)

What is expressed here should be an enthusiastic request to the holy mountain Zion and the sacred shrine temple. Again, it is hard to say that people will be forgiven and return home after seventy years, people will live peacefully in Palestine. Daniel has not said anything about the hope that the new Babylonian empire is over and the liberation is close.

In addition to this, Daniel, who had stayed in Babylon even after the Royal Decree, wrote his book Daniel in Babylon until the third year of Cyrus, but by the end of his writing Jeremiah's "Seventy Years I have not told a single word about what happened. It is impossible to think that he received a ritual at the temporary altar in Jerusalem and that the news that the cornerstone of the temple was placed the following year has not arrived. If the citizens returned home in the first year of Cyrus, and that what we prayed so wishfully was fulfilled, did not you greatly praise God? 

However, four years after Aliya, Daniel said, "Go on your way, Daniel! "Go to that way till the end, enter the day off, stand at the end of the prescribed day, receive yourself! "The end of the revelation has been put down with the word. The matter of "seventy years" in Daniel's book will never come forth after that prayer. It is the new Ezra who speaks the end of the "Seventy Year", rather Rather, Daniel entrusts a larger mystery than "Seventh Week" via an angel. So if Daniel's book is being written, after the third year of Cyrus, sooner or later Daniel's life would have ended in Babylon. (Daniel 12: 9.13) 

In other words, where the matter is not told in his account four years after that enthusiastic prayer, reinforce the view that the end of the "seventy years" does not mean only the return of the people We do. The word of Daniel's prayers was certainly about the rebuilding of the temple on the mountain of Sion. 

◆ Facts of Aliya

Two years after this prayer, the royal cup moves from Darius to Cyrus, and finally a decree is issued against Judah and the people of Israel. That is 537 years ago.
For some reason, there is no reference to this edition of Cyrus in the Daniel book, but you can find out the contents of the Ezra mentioned above and the last sentence of the past magazines that will also be handed by Ezra.

There is no "liberation of the people" in the meaning of the edict. In other words, it does not mean "to allow your return." Rather, the interest of Cyrus is more advanced, it is in the revival of the worship of God YHWH, it is the reconstruction of the temple for that.
Then, with this promulgation, labor and welfare over 22 years after the high priest Eshua and Governor Zel Babel begin.

The number of volunteers who volunteered to Zion was less than 50,000, most Judah captured people chose to stay in familiar Babylon. Among the people who did not move include Daniel who reached the elderly. Because the revelation given to Daniel is the last year of Cyrus, he did not live long until the reconstruction of the temple.
That is it, not everyone in the captivity came back to Palestine, as Isaiah prophesied and said, "Even if Israel is like the sand of the sea, only the rest of them I will come home ". (Isaiah 10: 22)

A few people who are prophesied as "rest of the people" who actually returned home were able to celebrate the festival of the fall of that year in Jerusalem in response to the first edict of Cyrus.
Then, there were signs of disturbance in the surrounding ethnic groups, and Eshua built an altar within that year and started sacrificing burnt-out. In other words, part of the ritual was able to start.

However, we can not offer daily, weekly, new moon offerings in the sanctuary and no holy place, so we can not make yearly atonement. Then we did not do rituals according to the provisions of the law, nor did we follow the life of Cyrus.

"The rest of us" were able to do the foundation as the beginning of the rebuilding of the temple in the spring following the arrival of Palestine, but the opposition movement of the surrounding nation began, and eight years after the Edict declared the greatness of Cyrus There, the work of rebuilding was torn down, and the people eventually became indifferent to the original meaning of returning. 
The initiative to revitalize religion was in Cyrus the Great, and it is shown here that the return squad which should have been in the middle of Aliyah was passive in this respect.

Prophet Haggai wrote about the consciousness of the people of the time.
"This people are saying that we will not come yet when we build the house of YHWH" "This house is desolated, but are you living in a house with a specular plate? "(Haggai 1: 2.4)

This prophecy was said to have been spoken in the second year of the reign of Darius, the son of Hystaspes who reigned Gaumata in the previous 522 years and became king, that is, in the previous 520 years. (Haggai 1: 1) Therefore, despite the fact that 16 years have passed since 17th year since the Edict of King Cyrus, even from the foundation of the 2nd temple, the construction was thrown in the middle and the sanctuary was left untamed What has been revealed.
But Zerubbabel and Aliyah's people, who were moved by the appearance of the two prophets, have begun to rebuild while being opposed to it, but Ezra said that it was that year, the second year of Darius did. (Ezra 4:24)

It was about two years later (518 years ago) that the above-mentioned Bethel folks inquired in passive attitude about how long they continued fasting. (Zechariah 7: 1)

In view of these, for the returnees who should have had Aliya of those days, the end of the term "seventy years" means that the temple was rebuilt and the ritual was restored, and YHWH, the female Zion's "husband" It can be said that having an awareness that putting the holy name there is its point of arrival. 

From this point of view, Jeremiah 's Jeremiah to the people of Judea who was secondarily captured by Jehoiachin, "YHWH says: "When the seventy years in Babylon is full, the word of the prophecy that I will look upon you and fulfill my happy promise to you and let you go back to this place" It is a comfort to those who are unable to see in the future, they are comfort to those who are upset, they are increased in the penal colony and pray for the castle city, preparing for the prolonged prison, which is "seventy Notice that there was a purpose to relieve them by notifying them that they span the period of year "(Jeremiah 29: 10). 

It was recorded in history as to how the period "seventy years in Babylon" elapsed, but as it is like a person follows the letter, the period from simply captivity to return It was not meant to point to. The true meaning of God's word "Seventy Years" must be understood according to the intent of God as well.

End point and starting point of seventy years

In the fourth year of Darius (518 years ago), Zerubbabel, which was inspired by Haggai and Zechariah's prophecy and actively started rebuilding the temple again, sends a letter of petition to the new King Darius which follows Cyrus's tolerance policy . It was to break the opposition of neighboring ethnic groups.
Then, the record of the edict of 19 years ago from the capital of the media was discovered, and DARIUS who was weak in the foundation of the administration has the significance of seeking support for the people in succeeding the edict of Cyrus the Great, Like Cyrus to pretend to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. (Ezra 4: 23 - 6: 12)

The opposition of countries like 'mountain' standing in front of Zerubbabel is also "flattened" by the Dalai's letter. That is, as the rebuilding of the temple became a purport of the king of Persia, refutation of neighboring ethnic groups was forbidden. (Zechariah 4: 7)

In this way, it could be said that the light which was shaken by the wind and weakened, which had just disappeared into the core, was supplied again with olive oil, burning the flame brightly, regaining the rich shine. It is incomprehensible that people who are leading the reconstruction of the temple by leading people and circumstances, no longer benefit human beings. 

God YHWH says through Zechariah: 
"This is not by force but by myself, by my spirit" 
"Zerubbabel's hand, setting up the foundation of this house, his hand, finished making it. " 
(Zechariah 4: 6 · 8) 

After that, the rebuilding work on Moriya mountain seems to have progressed smoothly, Ezra wrote that the temple finally saw completion on Adal 3rd day * in the sixth year of Darius. It will be the fourth year since the construction resumed.
It would be equivalent to the last month of the previous 516 year if it was the lunar calendar, which would be correctly 70 years from 586 before actually lost the first temple by Nebuchadnezzar. * (Gregorian calendar; February 3, 515 <Wed>)

Next day, the temple was dedicated to New Year 's Nisan of 515 BC, then Passover was carried out on the 14th, followed by the festival of no - yeast bread for seven days from the next day. (Dust removal 40: 1-2) 
Thus all the rituals of Levi prescribed in the law see recovery. Cyrus' edict was finally accomplished, and it was able to fulfill the heavy responsibility of the big business that the sanctity of Zarubbabel, who was the son of Charlotte, who drew blood of David, finally dedicated his half-life It was. Only in here it should be said that Cyrus the Great was "Messiah". (Ezra 6: 14-22)
There is a sanctuary and a sanctuary, as it used to be, sacred daily, weekly, new moon offerings are possible, rituals of the Day of Atonement can also be done, so that the atonement of the high priests, the priests, the people The ceremony was also possible. After the festival at the beginning of the year, 24 pairs of Levi's priests would have taken charge in accordance with the appropriate order. 
Indeed, that worship was resumed as the prophecy with 70 years of whitespace. 
Can not you see the power of God YHWH here to eliminate the words and to achieve the power to accomplish all excuses? The resumption of the Law of the Law came about 71 years after the destruction of the temple.

Although the prosperity of Judea was still in the future, in this way Zion could rejoin the Holy God of Israel YHWH again, revitalized as a holy city, that the shining brilliant Jelushimae regained sacred light You can do. In that place the existence of a temple enabled the law of Moses to be enforced from the lives of people to rituals and Israel had been forced to interrupt the official worship of God for seventy years due to their guilt It was a splendid contractual recovery as per the word of YHWH. (Levi 26: 44 - 45)

In this way, they could find the original owner to serve again. It is this time to say that it is no longer the king of Babylon that they will succumb to the knees in departing the influence of the foreign nation. The obstacle brought by Babylon has become a thing of the past. 

In the same prophecy of Jeremiah who foretold the "seventy years", God is told like this. 
"As you abandoned me and served the different gods in your own land, you will serve a foreigner in a land that is not your own" (Jeremiah 5: 19) 
This word supplements the words of "just serve the king of Babylon for seventy years" that Jeremiah prophesied, and the relationship between political control and controlled merely occurred in the seventy years of Jeremiah It is pointed out that it was not included. 

Therefore, you can see that the God of Israel as in Jeremiah's prophecy "has asked the king of Babylon to open up the message" was accomplished with this reconstruction and revival of the ritual. It does not require anything to happen at that time the destruction of the dynasty of Babylon. Rather, it would be possible to read the prophecy that the destruction of the temple carried out by the king of Babylon was condemned by this reconstruction, suggesting that it would be reduced to a notable criticism. * 

In Jeremiah 's prophetic words, there is something that illustrates this point. 
"Escaping the country of Babylon, the voices of people who escaped. Tell us the revenge of our God, YHWH, the retaliation for that temple in Zion. "(Jeremiah 50: 28) 

In other words, even though the Babylonian Empire has already left, the meaning that truly the destruction and destruction of the temple is questioned with its reconstruction is seen in the word "retribution to the temple" "Would be reasonable to capture that the Temple of Jerusalem is revealed again on the other side of Sion Mountain, so that the iniquity of Nebuchadnezzar is finally blamed.

Thus, when reviewing the seventy years of Jeremiah, it does not simply refer to the period during which Israel was dominated by the king of another country, rejoicing God YHWH as a master of the people by the rebuilding of the temple, and before that by the Liturgy Ritual Can not you see that he painted until he worshiped?
If you follow the words of prophecy short-sightedly and following the phrase, this probably will not come into a one-sided vision.

Just to Israel, the box of the covenant and Ulim Venton Mim did not return, but according to Edersheim, the rock was called "corner stone" in the place of the box in the most holy place, and a rock different from the cornerstone of the temple was placed That is. On the Day of Atonement, the High Priest will offer the blood of a cow before this rock. 
The disappearance of the box of contract is to go beyond personnel affairs, anyone, it would have been faithful to make it once again. However, the loss was also directed toward bringing a prospect to a "new contract" foretold by Jews to Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 3: 16/31: 31) ⇒ "Ark of Contract Aaron Hubertte "

Of course, it can not be said that there is absolutely no mistake in the archeology which is the observation result by human beings, but materials of this age of Orient history are excavated for each year, and not to mention BEROSSOS and Ptolemy As many clay boards reveal common age recognition one after another, the record of the monthly diet which is hard to move is also attached, which will be consistent with the analysis of the Saros cycle. This era is said to be an era that is considerably clarified among the Orient archeology

As the historical material increases, if it comes to supporting it, even if it does not form "faith", it is natural that if anyone disputes anyone with a strong consensus on those arguments, that burden of proof will arise That is. If we say that the reason for opposing the archeology with the evidence is "faith", we reexamine the grounds of that person's "faith" one by one from the beginning, so that we can make blind belief Avoid confirming self judgment based on reason. 

So in the sixth year of Darius, that is, back from the preceding 516 to the seventy years, it is again the age of 586 years ago, but archeology points that it was the year when Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed by the new Babylonian empire. In other words, as the Bible also witnessed, it was the year of destruction of the summer temple in May, which is regarded as the 19th year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II. (King 2 5: 8-10) 

This precise seventy year ritual's space will be the answer of the omnipotent YHWH to the sincereness of Daniel's prayers who wished for "to be late for the name." It surely was "seventy years". Two prophets Haggai and Zechariah, who were sent by time, have helped to satisfy "seventy years" as they urged the work of the last reconstruction. However, because that true merit was not attributable to anyone, including Cyrus II, it was guided by the will of God YHWH, no one could lead and regulate that time.

In this way, YHWH pushed everything according to "seventy years", and after 22 years from the Persian 's renminbi, he made the Jewish people rebuild the temple celebration and also accomplished the role of Cyrus the Great, the nominated Messiah You can see.
God YHWH certainly takes the right hand of Cyrus, and it can be said that Israel as the people of God has recovered both in name and reality. 

Therefore, if we try to apply Jeremiah's "seventy years" to the return and settlement of the people unbound from the crown of King Babylon, with the words of the part told, "That seventy years "The piece of the puzzle never finds a place to put perfectly anywhere. 
If you try to forcibly force the starting point of "seventy years" like a certain denomination to be 607 years ago, you must confuse the whole puzzle by pushing out pieces of other puzzles that are in order It is painful that there are people who are trying to believe by their "faith" without being confirmed by deeply depriving the word of God in fact as the teacher's compliance. Moreover, where is the motive? (John 7: 16-18)

In any case, this case is also a preform, and in the "seventy years" which Jeremiah prophesied, the sanctuary and the sanctuary were to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, but further to Daniel In the newly announced "Seventh Week", the place of fulfillment becomes the area of heaven that is not spiritual to humans, and it is said to "pour oil" to the holy place of "holy holy place", the heavenly world, beyond Jeremiah , Seven times as important as points are pointed out. 

By having Jeremiah and Daniel the prophets of both of these, we will stand at the entrance to finally realize the outline of God YHWH's great mystery. 

© 2015 Yosihira Hayashi 

* Indeed, Jeremiah 25 says that not only Judas, but also the surrounding "people of the nations will serve the king of Babylon for seventy years", this is "after the seventy years, We will punish people's land for their iniquities and make it land that has been desolated forever ", so since Babylon continues to flourish after this time, this is the end of the" Great Babylon " It will contain the dual meaning to. It is thought that neither saints nor even believers are solved from "the great Babylon ".